Valhalla Ultra-Premium Vodka

See you on the other side.


The Legend of Valhalla Vodka

Some winters ago, adventurous hikers took shelter in a cave near the sacred volcano Fagradalsfjall, dormant for over 6,000 years. What they found there would alter their destiny and change the vodka spirits industry forever. Hidden at the back of the cave near a Nordic ceremonial site were the remains of a goatskin bound bundle of black bottles. These bottles appeared to contain an alcohol similar to vodka and a glass and metal contraption filled with crushed volcanic rock. Realizing their find, they took the bottles and rocks back with them. But not before raising a toast to the Gods...

“Valhalla!... See you on the other side.”

Patent-pending Volcanic Rock Filtration.


Valhalla Vodka starts with Swedish Winter Wheat distilled and filtered three (3) times, starting with lava rock (from Icelandic volcanos). The porous lava rocks act as a sponge or filter where impurities stay in the rock, leaving a cleaner liquid behind. Valhalla Vodka continously imports new lava rock from Fagradalsfjall to replenish this patent-pending process.

The Power of Fagradalsfjall in Every Botttle.


Each bottle of Valhalla Vodka is filtered through ancient sacred Icelandic volcano rock atop Fagradalsfjall prior to a triple filtration process. This process changes the spirit towards its signature "velvet smooth" taste.


Produced and Bottled by Doundrins Distilling, Cottage Grove, WI

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